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Austin Schnell Fest

First-Ever Instructed Driver Education Events at Austin's Circuit of the Americas!
"Austin Schnell Fests" - May 19-21 and November 17-19, 2017

The Hill Country, Lone Star and Maverick Regions of the Porsche Club of America have joined together each spring since 2013 to host a PCA Club Race at Circuit of the Americas. Along with the Club Race we've also had an "Advanced Solo-Only" Driver Ed event which, as the name implies, was only open to advanced D.E. drivers. This was because many D.E. Instructors are also club racers... so there weren't enough instructors available to instruct the green and blue run groups during the same weekend as the club race. Consequently, beginner and novice D.E. drivers have never had the opportunity to attend an "instructed" PCA D.E. event at COTA. But that is all going to change in 2017!

Hill Country, Lone Star and Maverick Regions - PCA have joined with the Houston and Lone Star Chapters of the BMW-CCA to host two fully-instructed Driver Education events at Circuit of the Americas this year. We're calling these events the "Austin Schnell Fests" and they will take place the weekends of May 19-21 and November 17-19, 2017. These events will be PCA High Speed Driver Education events in all respects, operating under the PCA Driver Ed Event guidelines and insurance policy.

Both Schnell Fests will be three day events, Friday thru Sunday. Here are things you'll need to know:

  • Registration for the May 19-21 Schnell Fest will open for PCA and BMW-CCA members March 30th at Noon Central Time on
  • Registration for non-PCA/BMW-CCA members will open April 6th at Noon Central Time on
  • Registration is solely through The easiest way to register is through the following links:

    Registration links:
    November Event

  • After registering be sure to include your Club Affiliation and Membership number in the Memberships section of your profile. Preference will be given to club members first.
  • These events will run on the 3.4 mile United States Formula 1 Grand Prix Circuit at Circuit of the Americas.
  • Beginner drivers (the Green Run Group) will run on Saturday and Sunday only. The registration fee for beginner drivers will be $700.
  • All other run groups (Blue/Yellow/White/Red) will run Friday-Sunday. Because the Green Group will only run on Saturday and Sunday, Friday will feature lengthened run sessions for the more experienced run groups. The registration fee for Blue/Yellow/White run group drivers will be $945.
  • Registration Fee for Instructors will be $300.
  • Thursday afternoon Dave Scott of will host a track walk followed by a chalk talk. Stay tuned for further details.
  • Formula 1 garages will be available for rental for $1,500 for the entire weekend. As many as six cars can fit into one garage.
  • All official information will be through this website.
  • Questions? Contact David Gross at

Please plan on joining us in Austin this year for the first-ever instructed Driver Education Events at Circuit of the Americas!

Hill Country Region PCA

Houston Chapter BMW CCA

Lone Star Region PCA

Maverick Region PCA